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The Girl with the Red Beret / La fille au béret rouge is now making the rounds of festivals around the world. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, it is a lighthearted look at the vagaries of public transport, to the tune of the Kate and Anna McGarrigle song “Complainte pour Ste-Catherine”.


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Pinocchio riding a bird

Just completed:

Janet Perlman’s Pinocchio

That’s the title, and the whole sordid story is told in one minute. This film is part of an anthology called The One-Minute Mistake, produced by Joan Gratz.

Collage image from film Tiny Tiny Screens

The Girl with the Red Beret / La fille au béret rouge  just received an honorable mention at the Ottawa Animation Festival! The red beret team pictured her: me, Anna McGarrigle and Judith Gruber-Stitzer.

Poster janet Perlman's master class at the Cinemathèque québécoise

On May 13th, 2023 I gave a master class at the Cinemathèque québécoise. I showed films, described my work process, my evolution as an artist, my influences, blew bubbles, and invited all to dance to African drums.

I’m working on Tiny Tiny Screens. Using archival educational footage, I imagine what might occur beyond the confines of the film frame. One of the highlights is a world-renowned typist who demonstrates her astonishing abilities.

Sports Cartoons Hippo, cat, pig and dog
Display case at the Cinemathèque Québecoise filled with my favorite things

This display case contains “objéts” that inspired my film “My Favorite Things that I Love”. It was installed at the Cinemathèque québécoise May 12 - June 18, 2023.

The classic animated series Sports Cartoons is now available in HD! Produced by Lamb Perlman Productions, these funny spots feature the talents of Derek Lamb, Kaj Pindal, Zlatko Grgic, Chris Hinton, Yours Truly, Alison Snowden & David Fine, and many others.  more

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